Repository referenceΒΆ

A BundleWrap repository contains everything you need to contruct the configuration for your systems.

This page describes the various subdirectories and files than can exist inside a repo.

Name Documentation Purpose This file tells BundleWrap what nodes (servers, VMs, ...) there are in your environment and lets you configure options such as hostnames. This file allows you to organize your nodes into groups.
bundles/ Bundles This required subdirectory contains the bulk of your configuration, organized into bundles of related items.
data/   This optional subdirectory contains data files that are not generic enough to be included in bundles (which are meant to be shareable).
hooks/ Hooks This optional subdirectory contains hooks you can use to act on certain events when using BundleWrap.
items/ Custom item types This optional subdirectory contains the code for your custom item types.
libs/ Custom code This optional subdirectory contains reusable custom code for your bundles.