Pacman package items

Handles packages installed by pacman (e.g. Arch Linux).

pkg_pacman = {
    "foopkg": {
        "installed": True,  # default
    "bar": {
        "installed": False,
    "somethingelse": {
        "tarball": "something-1.0.pkg.tar.gz",
System updates on Arch Linux should always be performed manually and with great care. Thus, this item type installs packages with a simple pacman -S $pkgname instead of the commonly recommended pacman -Syu $pkgname. You should manually do a full system update before installing new packages via BundleWrap!

Attribute reference

See also: The list of generic builtin item attributes


True when the package is expected to be present on the system; False if this package and all dependencies that are no longer needed should be removed.


Upload a local file to the node and install it using pacman -U. The value of tarball must point to a file relative to the pkg_pacman subdirectory of the current bundle.