APT package items

Handles packages installed by apt-get on Debian-based systems.

pkg_apt = {
    "foopkg": {
        "installed": True,  # default
    "bar_i386": {  # i386 multiarch variant of the "bar" package
        "installed": False,
    "awesome-daemon": {
        "when_creating": {
            "start_service": False,

Attribute reference

See also: The list of generic builtin item attributes


True when the package is expected to be present on the system; False if it should be purged.


These attributes are only enforced during the creation of the item on the node (in this case this means when a package is installed). They are ignored in subsequent runs of bw apply.


By default, daemons will be auto-started on systems like Debian or Ubuntu. This happens right after the package has been installed. You might want to set start_service to False to avoid this. This might be necessary if BundleWrap must place some more config files on the node before a daemon can actually be started.